7 Tips to Avoid Damaged Boxes and Earn More for Your Supplies

7 Tips to Avoid Damaged Boxes and Earn More for Your Supplies

When sending in your extra diabetic test strips and supplies for payment, it’s important to avoid damaged boxes that reduce your overall payment. We want you to get the most return for your extra, unused diabetic test strips, lancets, and supplies. We’ve compiled a list of tips to avoid damage to your boxes that will reduce your overall payment from the Test Strips and More team.

Use Quality and Sturdy Shipping Boxes

Be sure to package your supplies in sturdy, high-quality shipping boxes. Use sturdy cardboard that prevents damage during shipping. DO NOT use packaging from other consumer goods simply flipped inside out and taped together as your shipping box. This cardboard is not sturdy and will be damaged during shipping. Should any damage occur, it can affect the value of your supply shipment. We want to pay you as much as possible!

Avoid Crushing Boxes of Test Strips and Supplies

Another issue we often see is not using the properly sized shipping box or stuffing too much into a single box. This can cause crushed test strip and supply product boxes, thereby reducing the value of the products you send to us and lowering the payment we can offer for the goods.

Beware of Smudging Ink

Be careful of smudging ink. We have had customers in the past who scribbled out prescription labels with a ballpoint pen. The ink didn’t dry, and thus smudged and transferred to another side of the box. This decreases the value of your product and reduces the payout we are able to offer. We ask our customers to leave their prescription labels on and let us do the removal. After removal, we place them in a designated shred bin. Every other month, a designated professional issues a certificate of destruction.

Double Labels Decrease Value

We see this one frequently. Pharmacists will sell consumers a box that had been returned for some reason with the previous prescription label ripped off, then covered up with a new label. This decreases the value that we can pay and is only apparent once we remove the top label.

Scratches, Dents, Dings, Damage

We see many boxes every day that are scratched, dented, dinged, and damaged. We price accordingly to the damage. Even the slightest dent from a fingernail will reduce the value of your products.

Mold and Stains

Boxes that appear to be covered in mold or sticky residue obviously pay less than nice, clean, slick boxes. We always encourage our customers to acknowledge any box damage on the enclosed inventory form when you ship your boxes. It lets us know that you are fully aware of damaged or stained boxes.

One way to protect against unnecessary damage is to wrap your boxes in sandwich bags. This adds an extra layer of protection should a mail person drop your box in water. The cleaner the box, the more we can pay.

Some Brands Are More Susceptible to Damage

Smartview and Aviva Plus brand test strips are known for defects in the paint or ink peeling on the ‘meter’ graphic on their product boxes. This is a known defect, but still impacts the value of your boxes if these are the brand you send in.

Precision Xtra brand test strips use thinner cardboard that is more susceptible to dents and dings. You really have to pack it well to ensure there is no damage.

Start Earning Today

With these tips, you can avoid damaged boxes that reduce your overall payout. Ready to get started? Selling Your Extra Supplies is Easy! Step 1: Select your products and submit your order. We’ll email you a prepaid label. Step 2: Ship your unused supplies to us at no cost! Step 3: We’ll pay you by PayPal or Check! See our Terms for complete details. Have questions? Feel free to contact us!

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