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We mail you a postage paid box (NO COST TO YOU), we inspect and grade your shipment.  Then we send your payment FAST. It’s that easy!

You may request a Return label or a mailing kit. You place the return label on a sturdy box with enough packing material to keep the contents from rolling around. If you request the mailing kit, you will receive a  box in which to place the test strips. 

Yes, it is legal to sell test strips.  They are an “over the counter” item and can be bought off the shelf of any drugstore without a prescription.

We have been buying test strips for over ten years and are members of our local Better Business Bureau. Our services are reviewed by our vendor clients via a third party Review Service. We have an office with a published physical address. We are a legal business entity with a solid reputation and excellent seller satisfaction. We answer phone calls, emails and texts.

Yes, See our Terms & Conditions page for more details. Test Strips boxes must be unexpired, unopened in MINT PERFECT condition for the best prices. We reserve the right to thoroughly inspect all boxes for major or minor imperfections, which may include dents, dings, rips, tears, discoloration, or damage from writing. Boxes must be fully sealed.

To qualify for the 1-day (Paypal), or 2-day (Check) guaranteed payment, order value must be $35 or above. Orders under $35 may be forfeited or donated. Note that we reserve the right to pay on Business Days. If you need to get payment outside of these times, make arrangements beforehand.

In essence, we recycle test strips that would normally be discarded, paying the seller with cash, and allowing for uninsured or unemployed people who need diabetic supplies to purchase them.

There are several options for getting paid: Check and Paypal. After your order is received and verified, we will process your payment via PayPal (usually in 1 business day) or send you a Check which you should receive usually within 2 business days. If you request a box and label, it may take 5 to 7 business days for the Post Office to process your shipment for payment of postage and deliver it to us. If you request a Post Office mailing label by email, it will take less time. If you request a United Parcel Service (UPS) label by email, once you send your test strips, it may take 3 to 4 business days for them to be delivered to us. UPS service is not available in all areas. Provide correct PayPal email address for payment. We do ask clients for understanding during times of local, regional or national emergencies. Be aware that PayPal may incur small fees outside of our control.

We only buy the brands listed on the Sell Your Test Strips page.  The boxes must be sealed with minimal damage.  We may purchase large quantities of off brand test strips. Call us first. For best prices, the expiration date must be at least 12 months from today. We do not buy damaged or expired boxes, there may be a fee for returning them. 

Yes, we may buy lancets. We also buy Smoking Cessation products, Inhalers, and other items.  We purchase items on a case by case basis. Just call us.

Yes, we accept boxes with pharmacy labels.  We ask that you please DO NOT attempt to remove pharmacy labels yourself. You may damage the boxes and we pay less for damaged boxes. DO NOT damage the box in any way. Please let us remove the labels. We hire a third party shredding service to destroy the prescription labels.

It is important that you only send unexpired, undamaged test strips in boxes that are sealed in pristine condition. Please do not send any other brands that are not listed on the Sell Your Test Strips page. We thoroughly inspect the boxes for any minor damage.

Customers who refer friends and family to us in order to get the $25 bonus must comply with the following rules:

(1) Orders by the referral customer must meet our minimum standards for a qualifying order:

  1. Quantity: Their order must include at least 2 boxes of 50 or 1 box of 100, as well at meeting the minimum of $35 worth of items.
  2. They must have a brand that we buy: Accu-chek Aviva Plus, Accu-check Compact Plus, Freestyle, Freestyle Lite, Insulinx, One Touch Ultra, Verio, Smartview, Contour (boxes of 100 only, no 50’s) and Contour Next (boxes of 100 only, no 50’s). No other brands will qualify for the payment of the referral bonus.

(2) The referral customer must send their test strips within 30 days of contacting us.

(3) Referring customer understands that they will not be paid the bonus until the referred customer has sent in their test strips and have been received and verified as a qualifying order.

(4) The referral and referring parties must NOT reside at the same physical address.

(5) The referral customer must not have previously sold test strips to us.

(6) reserves the right to terminate or change this referral bonus offer at any time, for any reason.

Our company is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. See the Contact page for more details about the background of the company and its owners.

If you have any other questions about or about selling your test strips, please feel free to call us 336-793-8200 and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives, or email us at

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