Why Choose Test Strips and More When Selling Extra Diabetic Test Strips and Supplies

Why Choose Test Strips and More When Selling Extra Diabetic Test Strips and Supplies

Test Strips and More is the number one choice when it comes to selling extra diabetic test strips and supplies. We provide our customers with competitive prices, secure and safe transactions, exceptional customer service, and fast payment.

Who Is Test Strips and More?

Test Strips and More will pay you cash for your extra, unused diabetic test strips, lancets and supplies. Simply select the items you want to sell from our list of options and add them to your order. We will email you a prepaid label that you can attach to your package for easy shipping at no cost! You then ship your unused, unexpired, unopened, undamaged supplies to us.​ You let us know how you wish to be paid, check or Paypal, or another method by request. Once we receive your items, we pay you by PayPal or check.

Not all companies are created equal. Test Strips and More is different from our competitors. We have a no-hassle, proven process for you to sell your extra diabetic test strips. Learn more about why you should use Test Strips and More below.

It Pays to Go with Test Strips and More

Clients have told us they are not getting paid by some of our competitors. We have even received calls that competitors are behind weeks or even months on paying for test strips.

As with any buying/selling experience, we ask you to research a test strip buying company before you send in your strips or other supplies.

We advise you not to fall for inflated, unrealistic prices. Like gasoline, test strip prices go up and down. We offer market rates for test strips. You sell your test strips for cash and you want to get paid. That is why we pay fast and on time.

We Pay Quickly

We do our absolute best to make sure our sellers are paid as soon as possible. We ran a random check report and have compared the dates we received diabetic items and the dates our clients received their checks via USPS. The average time for delivery is 3.8 days. The range was 1 to 8 days. Bear in mind we do rely on the United States Postal Service as a third-party delivery service, so selling near the holidays or winter weather can impact the average payment window.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Test Strips and More, you can call us and speak to an actual human on the other end. We answer the phones, return calls, and return messages. You can even text us and we will text back.

TrustPilot Reviews

We subscribe to Trustpilot because it helps us administer real reviews from people who are interested in telling you about their experience with our service. This allows you to transparently see others’ real-life experiences with Test Strips and More. If for any reason you are displeased with our services, we encourage you to contact us before leaving a review so we can make amends. We try to be as transparent as possible regarding pricing and payment, which is why we publish prices online.

Drop Off Your Test Strips

If you are local, drop off your test strips at our office. We also offer mail-in for national clients and pickup and drop-off for local clients. You can find us at: 4310 Enterprise Dr STE A Winston- Salem, NC 27106

What We Buy

At Test Strips and More, we mean the “more!” We not only purchase diabetic test strips, but diabetic sensors and nicotine products a well. Learn more about what brands and specific products we purchase.

Diabetic Test Strips

We buy unexpired, sealed test strips. We pay the most for strips dated over a year out. We do buy short-dated and damaged items, we just pay less for them.

Diabetic Sensors

We buy both advance date and expired sensors. We pay more for advanced date sensors. Call us for pricing and details.

Nicotine Products

Test Strips and More buys your unexpired name brand nicotine gum and patches dated over a year out.

We Buy Large Volumes

At Test Strips and More, we can buy large volumes. If you are a medical supply business or a pharmacy with overstock or excess inventory for any reason, we may be able to buy items that have been under controlled situations. To get started, simply call us or fill out our contact form and put ‘Medical Supply Overstock’ or ‘Pharmacy Overstock’ in your message.

In It for the Long-haul

A company in it for the long haul will be available by phone and email. Do you know the names of any of the workers? If so, you are on your way to getting paid regularly. Do you know if they have an actual office? If so then they are for real. Is your company a member of the local BBB? If so, they are serious about establishing their reputation both locally and nationally.

At Test Strips and More, we strive to answer the phone and return calls and messages. When you think about it, it is a business relationship. We have contacts with national wholesalers seeking products to reintroduce back into the market. We forge a relationship with you needing to sell your test strips for much-needed running money.

We are glad to be a part and your cooperation is vital. We put our terms and conditions in our forms and boxes and website and our Facebook features industry changes so that you are aware of price fluctuations.

Ready to Get Started Selling with Test Strips and More?

Get started selling today! View the items we are currently purchasing and the prices we are currently offering. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before selling your test strips and supplies. If you have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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